Free 60fps templates compatible with After Effects

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YaFue Copyright Audio Spectrum Template(1080p60fps)After Effects
5K   4
Circles and Squares | Intro template
16   7K   1
Ringblade v2 | Audio visualizer template [After Effects]
25   5K   4
Calm&Clean | Intro
20   8K   2
Fireball | Audio Visualizer template
16   9K   4
Parallax Audio Visualizer template
20   4K   1
Intro#2[60Fps][No Copyright][HQ][Free][After Effects Template]
14K   7
Outro#4[HQ][60Fps][No Copyright][Free][No Software Required]
9K   10
Audio Visualizer Template(1080p60fps)(No Plugin)After Effects
9K   15
Intro#1[60 Fps][No Copyright][Free][AE Template]
15K   8
Audio Spectrum Template (1080p60fps)After Effects
10K   5
Rap Nation Audio Visualizer Template (1440p60fps)After Effects
12K   10
Glitch Audio Visualizer (1080p60fps)After Effects
16K   11
Trap Music HDTV Audio Visualiser Template(1080p60fps)After Effects
13K   3
NCS Audio Spectrum Template(1080p60fps)After Effects
20K   16
TrapWolves Audio Spectrum Template (1080p60fps)After Effects
14K   4
Wolf Audio Visualizer Template (1080p60fps)After Effects
11K   2
Glitch Audio Visualizer Template (1080p60fps)After Effects
16K   6
Trap Party Audio Visualizer Template For After Effects (1080p60fps)
12K   1
TrapWolves Audio Visualizer Template (1080p60fps)After Effects
17K   9