Frequently asked questions

What is Velosofy?

Velosofy is a marketplace for video and branding resources. Creators can submit templates and get featured on the site.

How can I submit a template?

You can submit your templates after registering for a free account on the site. A moderator will review your template to see if it complies with our rules:

Your template must be:

  • Created by you.
  • Cannot contain any copyrighted material.
  • Original and high quality.
  • Selected with the correct category, dimension and the software needed for users to edit this template.
  • Compliant with the YouTube TOS.

How can I get my template featured?

If your template is unique and original, chances are high we will feature it. This means that it will be posted on the Velosofy social media and be listed on the 'featured' category of the site.

My video got denied.

This means that your template did not comply with our rules. If possible you can improve the template and submit again.

My template is on hold

A template receives this status when your video has been taken down or went private on YouTube. We use this to give you the opportunity to make it public again. Your template wil automatically get approved again when your video is public.

Someone uploaded my template!

Please contact us so we can get it removed.

Why do I have to link my YouTube account?

This site is integrated with YouTube. We ask you to link your YouTube account so we can confirm that the video you are posting is indeed yours. Once you have linked your YouTube account to your Velosofy account we save your channel username so we can embed the channel art on our site. We don't modify anything on your account neither do we store any account/personal details on our servers. You can always unlink the app from your YouTube account.

I have a great suggestion for!

We always like hearing feedback from our users. If you have any suggestions about new features on Please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know!